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The Origin of Wiralomi

Wiralomistore is a women's shoe company founded in 2012. Our origins can be traced back to a small independent studio, where we aimed to create all styles of shoes for women.

ntegration and acquisition of shoe factories

In 2015, our founder Wiralomi integrated and acquired several shoe factories. This move allowed us to bring more paper inspiration into actual footwear, and take our goal of providing women with a wide variety of shoe styles one step closer to reality.

Expansion of studio and international standards

In 2017, we expanded our studio. The aim was to bring Wiralomistore's shoes up to international standards and empower women to express themselves through their footwear.

Launch of

In 2022, we launched, an independent website that offers a complete range of women's shoes, with matching sets available. Our online platform allows women to freely choose their own shoes and show their mature style calmly. We strive to make everyday outfits effortless, and offer a simple matching process where all you need to do is choose a different style matching, click on the size to select the recommended size, and you're good to go.