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How to Choose Clothes?

Nov 08,2022 | LaurieWhitaker

As a girl, it is really a very happy thing to choose clothes that suit you, but many girls don't choose the clothes that suit them. Style, those clothes look good on others, but not necessarily when you wear them, often many girls fall into the misunderstanding of choosing clothes like this.


1.Organize Cabinets


Many times, when we don't know what to wear or how to match a suit, it means we need to organize our wardrobe. Sorting means it's easier to find matching clothes, allowing you to remind yourself what clothes are available.

Avoid placing a pile of clothes that you almost never wear. There's no point in making room for clothes that you've only worn once or twice. Leave plenty of room for what you can wear.

When organizing, make sure you can easily find the clothes you want. A simple way to organize your clothes is to put them in categories, which is to put all the t-shirts together, the sweaters in a pile, the skirts in the place where the skirts are, and so on. This way, if you know where the clothes are, it will be easier to find them.


2.Make sure you have a basic coat in your cupboard

You need to buy some basic tops as the basic clothes in your wardrobe. These coats should be versatile and on-trend. The color of basic clothes should be neutral, such as black, dark blue, white, ivory, which will be easier to match.

Casual tops: long short-sleeved t-shirts, camisoles, crew-neck vests (these are especially good under sweaters).

A nice shirt. Shirts can be worn under suits and button-down cardigans. This will make the overall look more stylish. You can wear jeans, skirts, boots, and some jewelry under your shirt.

Add some unisex sweaters, button-down cardigans, and pullovers to complement casual shirts and blouses. These clothes are suitable for wearing when the temperature can change, especially when the local temperature can be hot and cold on the day.

There are also several basic styles of jackets, simple leather jackets, unisex double-breasted jackets, lighter unisex trench coats, and blazers. In warm and spring weather, the blazer is especially good on its own, or it can be worn with other jackets, such as a double-breasted jacket.


3.Also, make sure you have basic bottoms in your wardrobe

That is, after you decide what tops to wear, you can match them with surprise jeans, pants, and skirts. Likewise, the colors of these bottoms should be neutral, and the styles should not go out of style with the changing trends.

Pants: Have a few pairs of jeans in your closet (such as a basic pair that can be casually paired with formal and casual wear, a pair of slacks for labor and lounging), and a couple of neutral, elegant trousers. In cooler regions, the fabric used for elegant trousers can be thick tweed.

Skirts: It’s a good idea to have a tailored skirt and a slouchy skirt in your wardrobe. The style can be a one-step skirt, or a skirt that is well-cut and more fitted, and an elegant knee-length spring dress, which is more convenient to meet the needs of casual wear.

Dresses: A few basic unisex dresses are a good base to pair with. The little black dress is a wardrobe staple because it is extremely versatile. Can be casually matched with formal and casual wear, black is versatile. If black isn't your thing, look for simple dresses in navy, white or ivory.


4.collect accessories

Especially accessories can add some personality elements to your wardrobe, so that you will not be at a loss when matching. Unisex belts, jewelry, handbags, scarves, socks are great, as are stylish and good-looking accessories. A bright scarf paired with a black tee and fitted jeans is a fun and casual look.

Handbags: If your overall outfit is skewed towards a certain color (like green, blue, and gray you like to wear), you should choose a complementary color (like mustard or gold) to add some sparkle to your overall outfit. Of course, at the same time, you must also ensure that your handbag is practical. A good idea is to pick up a regular bag that can be used every day (neutral colors to match with different clothes), and then buy different bags for special occasions, such as those you take to concerts or fancy restaurants.

Jewelry: The choice of jewelry is largely a matter of personal preference. You need to choose some jewelry that you like and are easy to match. You may like heavy geometric jewelry, or pearl jewelry. Depending on the specific clothing style, jewelry can be a highlight or even the only highlight of the entire outfit.

Belts: The best basic styles of belts are wide belts and very thin belts. If your belt is unisex, or matches the color of the clothes in your closet, it will add a lot of color. As long as you can find the right size, everyone looks great with a wide belt. If your overall outfit is boring, you can add some interest by wearing a thin waist.

Scarves: Scarves are functional (warm and comfortable) and stylish. A natural and neutral scarf is a good choice, but you can also style it with some of your favorite patterns and bright colors.

Socks: Socks include pantyhose, leggings, socks. You need to buy some solid black or flesh-colored pantyhose to match short skirts and dresses. Also need to buy some unisex leggings and socks that go with your shoes (like white socks with black flats would look a little weird). You can also buy some more interesting socks, such as shiny silver pantyhose, or leggings with a galaxy pattern. They can be paired with a little black dress, a pretty sweater, and fun earrings. a few pairs of shoes

Shoes are very important to wear with fun and comfortable clothes. When planning your outfits, you'll need several pairs of basic shoes that you can handle in different styles. Different high heels look better with different clothes. Remember that light colored shoes (white) get dirty quickly, so be sure to think carefully when choosing a color!

Flats look great with jeans, skirts, and dresses. Depending on the occasion, flat shoes can be changed at will, whether elegant or not. It's a good idea to have at least one pair of neutral-colored shoes (again, neutrals are great) and some fun shoes, like bright red leather shoes or shiny silver shoes.

Boots, especially in colder regions, are important. You can buy a couple of casual black or gray boots, or a couple of more expensive high-heeled boots to pair with jeans or a dress. Boots look great with skinny jeans and a short skirt.

Casual sneakers can be paired with casual jeans. Wear it with a short skirt and casual sneakers for a trip, or when you need to walk a lot. The sneakers are comfy and you can use them for housework or yard chores (you don't want your pretty clothes to get dirty, after all).


6.Find something key with personality

These things have to be distinctly personal to you. They can be jewelry, socks, shoes, scarves or all of the above. These things can add color to a dress or make the right dress more interesting and personal.

For example, you could wear a bright floral dress with black leggings, black knee-high boots, a green sweater (to match the floral stems on the dress), and a grey scarf. Alternatively, you can go bold with a dress with dark red heels.

For another example, a purple court shirt can look lighter with jeans, or a black one-step skirt and grey boots.


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