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How to Match Clothes?

Nov 07,2022 | LaurieWhitaker

Combining an entire outfit can be quite a hassle, especially in the morning when you're getting ready to head out to school or work. But don't worry, once you get the hang of matching, you'll be able to put together a fun and stunning outfit in no time!


1.Match around a piece of clothing


A great way to make matching outfits easy is to choose one item first, and then organize the overall outfit around that item. Usually this thing is part of the feature, but not absolute.

Case in point: If you want to accentuate a gorgeous necklace, wear a simple unisex collarless tee that will accentuate the necklace. Jeans and flats can be worn on the lower body. In this way, the necklace becomes the most important part of the overall look, and no other part is more attractive.

You can also match specific colors. Like every day of a week, you wear something red, and then you can style it around that, and then the next week you can style it around green. For example, you can wear a red skirt with a black shirt, navy blue leggings, black boots, and blue jewelry.


2.Choose your own Uniform

This means that you can choose two or three basic outfits that you like to wear, and then change some details based on that. These combinations should be the ones that make you feel most comfortable.

For example, you may find that you prefer the following combinations: skinny jeans (black denim), different t-shirts (long and short sleeves), different shoes (for example, booties or flats). If you wear jeans a lot, wear the matching outfit above and roll up the legs (great change between spring and summer).

Can switch between jeans and sweater, skirt and sweater. This will give you a wider range of options. The color and style of the sweater can be changed, and it can be matched with different jewelry, scarves and shoes, but the main body is to wear jeans with a sweater, or a skirt with a sweater.


3.mix and match

Mixing and matching clothes is the basis for different outfits every day. That way you won't be wearing the same t-shirt and jeans every day (though if you like it, that's totally fine). [4]

Take black sportswear as an example: it can be paired with a white tee, bright shirt, flats. You can also pair this tracksuit with a light-colored spring skirt, booties, and exaggerated jewelry. Or, you can wear it with sandals over a long summer dress.

Eight different clothes can be combined into various combinations. You can choose solid color t-shirts, printed t-shirts, jeans, skirts, dresses, sweaters, shirts, vests. Printed t-shirts, jeans, vests, sandals can all be combined into a set. You can also wear a sweater and a dress with a thin belt, or a vest and boots. You can take turns wearing the skirt with any coat and then layer it with a tank top or sweater. Can also be matched with jewelry, scarves, shoes.


4.Consider the season

Change the style of clothes in your closet according to the season (if you live where the seasons change significantly). Keep a warm scarf and sweater in the fall, and add a warmer coat in the winter.

Boots can be a common shoe for colder seasons, while flats and sandals are better for warmer seasons.

Colors also change with the seasons. During the warmer seasons, wear lighter shades to stay cool, or add more floral prints to match the season. Brightly colored clothing is best in winter, especially when the area you live in is dark or rainy. This way, your bright gold scarf or red skirt can add a pop of color to a drab day.


5.Create a style library

Take a photo or write down a description of those outfits as you try out combinations, mix-and-match, and decide on basic styles. That way you'll know what goes together and what doesn't, so you don't repeat your mixes, and you can remember which ones don't look good.

This method can also help you when you're not sure what to wear. Just review the photos you've worn in the past and choose the set you like. You will feel confident because you know it will look good, so you can make decisions.


6.Follow news about clothes

You can look everywhere for information on clothing. You can check out what models look like in store windows, as well as clothing catalogs and fashion magazines. When you go out, you can also pay attention to what other people are wearing. All of these channels can provide you with information on clothing combinations, which you can then experiment with accordingly.

You don't need a whole set of furs to match what you see in magazines or on the street. Instead, you can find clothes you already have in your closet and add them to your new look. This allows you to wear your own style, rather than copying exactly what you see.



This is the most important part of matching clothes, especially to make the overall look look good. Before you find a match you like, you need to try a variety of different styles of clothes and overall outfits.

Only wear what you like and feel comfortable and confident about. Comfort and confidence are the keys to making yourself look good.


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